Fadogia Agrestis: Its Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

What is Fadogia Agrestis?

Fadogia agrestis is a small bush shrub that can be found in many parts of Africa such as Nigeria and Ghana where it has traditionally been used to treat erectile dysfunction (1), hence the English alternative name ‘Black Aphrodisiac’ (2). This plant has recently received an influx in attention and popularity due to its potential to increase testosterone levels: improve libido and accelerate muscle building. Additionally, due to being a natural extract, Fadogia agrestis will not cause any testosterone suppression or require post-cycle therapy, making it a safe alternative to anabolic steroids.

Fadogia agrestis Health Benefits

Does Fadogia agrestis Increase Testosterone?

At the moment the beneficial effects of Fadogia agrestis have only been demonstrated in male rats. However, the results appear to be promising, with clinical research demonstrating a positive correlation between the dosage of Fadogia agrestis and subsequent testosterone increase. This dose-dependent increase in testosterone is reflected in the study results, which show a 2 fold increase in testosterone following 18 mg/kg of Fadogia agrestis, and a 6-fold increase following 100 mg/kg, after just 5 days of supplementation (1).

Does Fadogia agrestis Improve libido?

Fadogia agrestis has also been shown to increase sexual behavior and performance. Fadogia agrestis separates itself from other aphrodisiacs, as not only can it increase intercourse frequency, but also prolongs intercourse duration, which is a rare quality in existing natural libido enhancers. 100mg/kg of Fadogia agrestis was shown to increase intromission frequency by more than 3 times whilst ejaculation latency was increased by roughly 2.5 fold compared to control subjects (1). The extent of these results suggests that this herb is one of the most potent natural libido enhancers.   

Does Fadogia agrestis increase Muscle mass?

Currently, there are no direct clinical trials that measure the effects of Fadogia agrestis supplementation on human body composition, strength, or muscle mass. However, if the testosterone augmentation that is demonstrated in rats has a similar effect in humans then we can expect muscle growth, as testosterone increases levels of growth hormones and encourages tissue growth via different pathways. Greater testosterone levels will also promote fat loss, bone health, and mental well-being, which may explain why users experience these benefits following Fadogia agrestis use.

What is in Fadogia agrestis?

Research suggests that Fadogia agrestis is a source of 2,6-dimethyl-2(E),6(Z)-octadiene-1,8-diol and various rhamnose containing glycosides (3). Fadogia agrestis contains various classes of nutrients, including alkaloids, saponins, anthraquinones and flavonoids (1), which provide various health benefits. Additionally, no steroid structures were identified. 

How much Fadogia agrestis should I take?

Due to the lack of human trials, we can only assess effective dosages from previous research performed in rats. These studies use upto 100mg/kg of Fadogia agrestis daily. This implies that a 68kg human should take 550-1,100mg per day and a 113kg human should take 900-1,800mg.

How to use Fadogia agrestis

There aren't any specific studies on the recommended dosage, but to reap the benefits of Fadogia agrestis we suggest supplementing a daily 1000mg dose for 4-weeks. It can be taken with or before food.

Side effects of Fadogia Agrestis

A clinical trial measuring the effects of Fadogia agrestis on some testicular indices was conducted in male rats. This study found Fadogia agrestis supplementation to increase testicular weight over 28 days, irrespective of dosage. This increase is associated with increased glycogen, cholesterol, and sialic acid content. There was also evidence that may suggest cytotoxicity, which can cause cell damage (​​4). Another study investigated this issue and found no toxicity or adverse effects to kidneys or liver (2).

Fadogia agrestis Supplements Summary

Fadogia agrestis is a natural herbal extract that can help boost libido, performance, testosterone and muscle mass without causing any hormonal suppression. Currently, only rat studies have been conducted but the results seem promising with a dose-dependent increase in testosterone. 1000mg appears to be a good effective daily dose according to research, and we advise using Fadogia agrestis for 4-12 weeks.

Where can you buy Fadogia Agrestis?

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