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Complete Muscle Builder Stack

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8 Week Muscle Builder Stack 

This stack contains everything you need to build lean muscle, stay healthy and recover optimally with our 6 Product Stack 

What is the Muscle Builder Stack 

The Muscle Builder stack comprises 6 products to increase muscle mass, size & Strength.

What to expect from the Muscle Builder stack 

An Increase in Muscle and overall lean-ness should be noticeable within a few weeks, EPI ULTRA + Beta Ecdysterone combined will help to Increase size, muscle strength and decrease body fat 

How to Take the Muscle Builder Stack 

Ideally, this stack should be run for no fewer than 8 weeks

A typical cycle would look like this : 

Weeks 1-4 

2 x Beta Ecdysterone Capsules 

2 x Epi Ultra Capsules 

2 x Aswaghanda

The dose should be split with 1 Capsule of each in the morning 1 in the evening 

Weeks 4 - 8  Testo-sterone Amplifier 

2 x Alpha Male Capsules 

2 x Fadogia Agrestris

3 x Zma

Alpha Male & Fadogia should be taken in the morning with food. 

ZMA should be taken before bed 

This cycle can be repeated if required 





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