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    Complete Guide To Tongkat Ali

    Complete Guide To Tongkat Ali
    tongkat ali supplement

    German Pharma have recently released a Tongkat ali supplement. We decided to introduce this product to our range due to the mounting evidence demonstrating  the beneficial effects it has on body composition and mental health. Multiple clinical trials have shown Tongkat ali to accelerate muscle growth, relieve anxiety and boost libido, without any side effects. 

    Tongkat ali is a natural product that is ideal for any active individual who wants to attain a leaner physique and improve their athletic performance. This guide will explain what Tongkat ali is and the physiological effects it has.

    What is Tongkat Ali

    Tongkat ali is a herbal supplement that has been used in traditional Southeast Asian medicine for generations. It is sourced from the roots of the green shrub tree Eurycoma longfolia, and is native to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and other mainland Indochinese countries.

    Tongkat Ali supplements have historically been used to treat infections, fevers, infertility and ED. However recent research shows it has many more uses, specifically in relation to exercise performance and body composition. Tongkat ali possesses these beneficial effects due to the compounds it contains, such as flavonoids, alkaloids and antioxidants.

    Although it is commonly recognised as Tongkat Ali, it is also known as Longjack, Malaysian Ginseng and Ali’s Umbrella. 

    Tongkat Ali Benefits

    Recent scientific studies have discovered that Tongkat Ali has the potential to accelerate muscle growth, burn fat, treat infertility and reduce stress levels via various pathways. 

    In summary, research has shown that supplementing tongkat ali can:

    • Lower Cortisol
    • Improve Muscle Mass
    • Enhance Libido & Sexual Performance

    Builds Muscle, Lose Fat & Improve Athletic Performance 

    The effects of Tongkat Ali on muscle mass, strength and fat loss has been investigated in human clinical trials. One study found that taking 100mg of this supplement for 5 weeks  significantly increases lean body mass, when compared to a control group who followed the same strength training program. They also found the experimental group to lose more fat over the course of the study (1). This demonstrates that supplementing Tongkat ali alongside your exercise regime will maximise your results. 

    Another 5 week study reported significant increases in muscular strength following a daily dose of 400mg of Tongkat Ali, when compared to a placebo group. Significant increases in total and free testosterone was also reported in the supplementation group (2). Ultimately, Tongkat ali is backed by the academic literature to enhance athletic performance and improve body composition (3).

    Increases Testosterone Levels

    Supplementing as little as 200mg of Tongkat Ali for 1 month has been shown to boost testosterone (4), and an increase in testosterone is associated with better muscle health, increased anabolism and decreased fat mass. Additionally, Tongkat Ali can also promote energy efficiency, enhance endurance capacity and inhibit tiredness due to containing compounds called quassinoids (5). Quassinoids are a group of nortriterpenoids with dynamic and various pharmacological properties (6).

    Reduces Stress

    Tongkat ali has been shown to improve mental health by reducing stress, anger, and anxiety. This was discovered after a 1-month study, where 63 moderately stressed adults supplemented 200mg of Tongkat ali per day. The results showed that taking tongkat ali reduced the stress hormone cortisol by 16%, with reports of less tension, stress and anger by the participants (7).

    Improves Libdio & sperm health

    This supplement can also stimulate sexual arousal and improve erectile dysfunction (8, 9). Furthermore, daily supplementation of 300mg of Tongkat ali may even improve sperm health and male fertility and has even helped couples become pregnant (11). 

    Tongkat Ali Side Effects

    Supplements for building muscle and increasing testosterone usually come with a host of potential side effects, and typically these effects are undesirable and related to abnormal hormone production. However, all the current research on Tongkat ali suggests that it has no side effects.

    Is Tongkat Ali Safe?

    The effects of tongkat ali supplements on children or pregnant women has not been studied, but all research points to the conclusion that Eurycoma longifolia supplements are safe for healthy adult men and women. In fact, one study found that Tongkat Ali supplements are as safe as taking a placebo supplement (12).

    How To Cycle Tongkat Ali

    We advise running Tongkat ali for 10 weeks at 2 capsules per day, providing 500mg of Tongkat ali. No post-cycle therapy is required as this extract does not interfere with hormonal activity. You can run another natural muscle building supplement alongside it, such as Turkesterone, to maximise results.

    FAQs About Tongkat Ali

    Is Tongkat Ali Banned in the UK?

    Tongkat Ali is not banned in the UK, and is not listed on the UK Government’s restricted herbal ingredients list (13).

    Can Women Take Tongkat Ali?

    All of the studies conducted on the supplementation of tongkat ali have shown no detrimental effects to adult women.

    Where Can You Buy Tongkat Ali/Longjack Supplements?

    At Prohormones UK, we offer a Tongkat Ali supplement by German Pharma. Alongside its muscle building properties, German Pharma’s Tongkat ali can also be used for it’s known aphrodisiac effects.

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