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    German Pharma Tren X is a carefully designed anabolic, formulated to help you gain lean muscle mass while burning fat at a higher rate. Formulated to help your body react and adapt to the stresses we place upon it.

    Tren X is a natural anabolic, meaning NO side effects! That makes it an ideal anabolic to run for a long period of time. If you’re trying to obtain a lean and dry look and gain muscle, add Tren X to your arsenal.

    You can also use Tren X if you’re running another German Pharma product and want to enhance its effects!

    What to expect from Tren X

    • Additional Lean Muscle
    • Decreased Body Fat
    • Improved Mood
    • Influxes in Strength
    • Faster Muscle Recovery
    • Increased Libido
    • Greater energy
    • Higher Endurance Capacity

    Who Can Take Tren-X

    Tren-x Is only recommended for males as it does contain ingredients that will interact with your hormones such as dim which can act as an aromatase inhibitor.

    Do I need to take anything else with Tren-X

    On cycle support

    As Tren-X is non-methylated it will have no negative effects on your liver or any negative effects on blood pressure so no on cycle support is necessary.

    Post cycle Therapy (PCT)

    Tren X is a natural compound, a PCT is not required once you have finished your cycle. In fact some users supplement Tren X alongside their PCT to help retain their gains.

    How to take Tren-X

    As Tren X is a natural muscle builder that can be run for up to 12 weeks. 

    It's just three capsules a day and there is no need to split the dose.

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