A Complete Guide To Laxogenin | Should you take Laxogenin in 2023

Laxogenin supplements are becoming increasingly popular amongst the health and fitness community, with users claiming to experience accelerated muscle growth, influxes in strength and faster recovery rates, with good safety. However, you may want more clarity on how laxogenin works and whether laxogenin has any side effects, and so on. This article provides a complete Laxogenin users guide. 

What is Laxogenin?

Laxogenin is a natural plant steroid, belonging to a class of plant hormones called brassinosteroids. It is common for bodybuilding supplements to contain 5a-hydroxy laxogenin, which is a synthetic derivative. Laxogenin is a plant steroid that stimulates growth in plants (1, 2), and can be compared to cholesterol-derived human sex hormones, such as testosterone, progestagens and androgens.

Is laxogenin a prohormone?

Laxogenin is not a prohormone as it is not a precursor to anabolic steroids and has no androgenic implications. It is common for laxogenin to be labelled as a prohormone due to its similarities to hormones like testosterone and oestrogen. Laxogenin is a plant steroid that affects different pathways in the body, with much more obscure effects on humans (3, 4).

What does laxogenin do?

It is common for laxogenin users to report enhanced performance, increased muscle growth and fat burning, whilst not attaining any of the side effects associated with hardcore muscle building supplements, suggesting that laxogenin is a much safer option. 

However clinical human trials are lacking, and this hypothesis has not been tested yet. However, there is research to suggest that laxogenin can help with cancer, diabetes and tissue damage. The tissue damage benefits to laxogenin may be why users report faster recovery following exercise.

How does laxogenin work?

There is emerging evidence suggesting that laxogenin stimulates muscle growth and muscle recovery, however more research is needed to assess laxogenin effectiveness. What differentiates laxogenin from human steroid hormones is that it only attaches to the surface of the cell, which then in turn causes an influx in signalling to increase muscle building within the cell (5, 6). These laxogenin induced signals activate AKT1 or protein kinase B, which is a protein responsible for muscle building and preventing muscle breakdown (7). 

In combination with its muscle building properties, laxogenin can accelerate fat breakdown by increasing cAMP levels and initiating the fight or flight sympathetic response (8, 9). Multiple studies in rats demonstrate that brassinosteroids, with similar structures to laxogenin, are able to increase protein in the muscle and trigger anabolic reponses, without increasing sex hormones (10, 11, 12), therefore reducing the androgenic side effects associated with muscle building supplements. Additionally, laxogenin may speed up recovery from exercise and reduce tissue damage by neutralising oxidative stress. However, although laxogenin users often report faster recovery and less muscle soreness, human research is required to confirm this theory (13, 14). 

Is laxogenin legal? 

Yes, laxogenin is legal. It is classified as a dietary supplement. Although, not approved for any medical use or health claim.

Is laxogenin safe, does laxogenin have side effects?

Although Laxogenin is not FDA approved due to a lack of human clinical trials, users generally report muscle gains with good safety. Some users complain about the occasional headache with doses of over 200mg. However, the recommended dose is generally around 100mg per day, so the chance of side effects are unlikely, but more clinical research is required. It must be highlighted that large doses of Smilax Sieboldii, which is where brassinosteroids (such as laxogenin) are derived, is associated with excessive urination, diarrhoea, and headaches (15). 

How to use laxogenin supplements

To build muscle it is recommended to take at least 100mg per day for 4 to 12 weeks. Some users suggest having at least 4 weeks off laxogenin after use, but there is no research to support this notion. It is common for users to cycle laxogenin with other substances and alongside their PCT.

Using Laxogenin Capsules

At Prohormones UK we have laxogenin capsules dosed at 100mg per capsule. Our Neutra Labs Laxogenin is safe for both men and women and is formulated to increase lean muscle mass. You are advised to take one capsule per day with food. 

Laxogenin capsules can be safely stacked with other supplements and testosterone boosting supplements. Our recommended supplement to stack with laxogenin is Tren X, which will increase recovery time and lean muscle mass.

So is laxogenin worth it?

Laxogenin is becoming increasingly popular amongst those looking to build a more lean and muscular physique. Laxogenin is a brassinosteroid, which is the hormone that causes growth in plants. Laxogenin is legal and not an anabolic steroid, but has been suggested to accelerate muscle mass gains and fat loss in humans. 

Anecdotally, users report that laxogenin works and has good safety, but high doses can cause headaches. Despite laxogenin’s great reviews from regular users, more research is needed to confirm its effectiveness and safety. However, laxogenin is much safer than anabolic steroids, and still produces noticeable bodybuilding results. 

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