The Turkesterone Review Survey Results : The Results

We recently sent out the Turkesterone Review Survey to those who had bought German Pharma Turkesterone. This 24-question survey form was designed to attain detailed feedback on customer satisfaction regarding their Turkesterone experience. 

We received 222 responses!

Almost all of the respondents were male and aged between 26 to 35 years old.

What Do People Use Turkesterone For?

Turkesterone is mostly promoted as a natural anabolic, therefore it is unsurprising thatover 75%of people used it toincrease muscle mass and strength. However, as you can see over 30% of respondents indicated that they were also using Turkesterone to boost theirtestosteronelevels and improveathletic performance. It appears to be uncommon for people to use it for weight management specifically.

What Did Users Rate Their Turkesterone Experience?

As you can see in the bar chart to the right, most respondents rated their Turkesterone experience8out of 10, overall. The average rating was7.4out of 10. This demonstrates great customer satisfaction. For a natural supplement to be rated so highly is really something to be recognised and celebrated.

How Long Does It Take For Turkesterone To Start Working?

As the chart shows; 68.5% of respondents reported that they felt the benefits of Turkesterone within the first 4 weeks of supplementation, and 18.9% reported feeling the benefits between weeks 5 and 8. 12.2% reported never feeling the benefits. 

This data suggests that you will most likely notice the benefits of Turkesterone within the first 4 weeks of supplementation. If not, you are more likely to feel the benefits at some point than not at all. 

Does Turkesterone Increase Muscle Growth?

70.3% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they noticed muscle gains when using Turkesterone. 8.6% disagreed or strongly disagreed.

This data supports the idea that Turkesterone can be used to increase muscle mass, as over 70% of respondents recognised muscle gains whilst using this supplement. Additionally, only 8.6% of users disagreed, suggesting that Turkesterone promotes this benefit in most people.

Does Turkesterone Make You Stronger?

72.1% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that Turkesterone made them feel stronger. 9.5% disagreed or strongly disagreed.

This data strongly suggests that Turkesterone will likely make you stronger over the duration of the cycle. There currently aren’t any clinical trials investigating Turkesterone’s beneficial effect on human strength, but this data supports this notion.

Does Turkesterone Improve Athletic Performance?

74.8% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that Turkesterone improved their exercise performance! 6.4% disagreed or strongly disagreed.

This data strongly supports the use of Turkesterone to enhance athletic performance, with almost ¾ of users agreeing that Turkesterone delivered improvements.

Will Turkesterone Help You Achieve A More Athletic Physique?

65.3% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they noticed desirable changes to their physique when using Turkesterone. 11.7% disagreed or strongly disagreed. 

This data suggests that Turkesterone will more than likely promote desirable changes to your physique. Therefore, if you want to develop a more athletic physique naturally, Turkesterone should be considered.

Does Turkesterone Help With Fat Loss?

47.7% reported feeling neutral regarding whether Turkesterone helped them lose fat. 30.2% agreed or strongly agreed, and 22.1% disagreed or strongly disagreed.

According to this data, fat loss should not be expected with Turkesterone use. The majority reported a neutral response to this question, meaning that they didn’t notice fat loss. Although more respondents agreed than disagreed.

Is German Pharma Turkesterone The Best Natural Muscle Builder?

64.9% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that Turkesterone is one of the best natural muscle builders they’ve used. 10.4% disagreed or strongly disagreed.

Here you can see that most respondents reported Turkesterone to be the one of the best natural muscle building supplements they have used. This data suggests that if you are looking to gain muscle naturally, Turkesterone is a very viable choice.

Would you recommend German Pharma Turkesterone to a friend?

76.6% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they would recommend Turkesteone to a friend! 5.5% disagreed or strongly disagreed.

Most of the respondents would recommend this product to a friend! This suggests that over ¾ of users have confidence in German Pharma Turkesterone, and believe that others will benefit from it. 

The Turkesterone Review Summary

Turkesterone is growing in popularity and has been one of our best sellers for a couple of years. Despite shipping thousands of bottles monthly, we hadn’t received much insight into whether our customers were satisfied, besides from repeat purchases. Consequently, we decided to create the Turkesterone Review survey. Here’s a summary of the results;

- Average rating of 7.4 out of 10 (most rating 8 out of 10)

Over 70% reported that Turkesterone increased their strength, muscle mass and athletic performance.

87.8% reported feeling the benefits of Turkesterone, 68.5% within the first 4 weeks.

76.6% would recommend German Pharma Turkesterone.

64.9% reported that Turkesterone is the best natural muscle builder they’ve used.

If you are thinking about using natural muscle-building supplements or are interested in Turkesterone specifically, the results from this transparent Turkesterone Review highlight the effectiveness of German Pharma Turkesterone.

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