Phosphatidic Acid

Phosphatidic Acid

Marc ByrneMarch 16, 2021

Phosphatidic acid was widely used in the 70s and 80s in the bodybuilding community, but has been off the market for quite some time, well now it is back, and back with a bang! But what is phosphatidic acid, how does it work, and who should take it? This blog provides a complete guide to phosphatidic acid.  


What is Phosphatidic acid?

Phosphatidic acid or PA as it is sometimes referred to is a classification of a supplement called MTOR agonists. 

MTOR agonists or products that positively affect the MTOR pathway are a good thing for muscle building. They do this by improving muscle protein synthesis during resistance training, In other words, lifting weights whilst taking phosphatidic acid should make the process of building muscle easier. 


Phosphatidic acid Benefits


One of the big advantages Phosphatidic acid has is it is completely safe and natural to use, if you are a drug tested athlete or your work requires a drug test you can rest easy that Phosphatidic acid does not cause any side effects or flag up for any banned or illegal compounds.  


So we have established that Phosphatidic acid improves muscle Protein synthesis, improves the MTOR pathway and ultimately leads to an Increase in muscle mass.  But what does the science say about this? 


One of the largest studies done on Phosphatidic acid was conducted on 20 resistance trained males. Each male was given 750mg daily dose of Phosphatidic acid for a total of 8 weeks.  Each male had the same training and dietary intake for the period of the trial.  The results showed that Phosphatidic acid combined with a resistance training programme not only resulted in an increase in 1 rep Max (1RM) but resulted in an Increase in lean body mass (less fat more muscle) 


Phosphatidic acid Side Effects

Alongside the muscle protein synthesis & improvement in lean body mass benefits of Phosphatidic acid, it also induces multiple beneficial side effects. Phosphatidic acid can help optimise hormonal levels and strengthen your immune system, which is essential for any active individual. It is worth noting however that the only real scientific research on phosphatidic acid has been to show its capabilities for muscle building, there are is no concrete evidence to support the claims that it can optimise hormonal levels, but that being said even if it does not, this is not the sole reason to take Phosphatidic acid, most people would want to take it for its ability to Improve Lean Muscle Mass. Phosphatidic acid is a lipid molecule, it can be consumed daily preferably with food, for optimal results 30-45 minutes pre-training with food. 


Phosphatidic acid Cycle

To attain the muscle-building benefits from Phosphatidic acid it is common for users to run an 8-12 week cycle. However, as this supplement is not androgenic and doesn't cause suppression, or have any negative side effects you can run it indefinitely. Although, we do advise an 8-12 week cycle. No PCT is required. The appropriate dosage would be 750mg daily dosage for 8-12 weeks.


Where To Buy Phosphatidic acid 

At Prohormones UK,we offer a Androstebol by German Pharma, Androstebol contains 250 mg Phosphatidic acid per capsule and contains 90 capsules, at the recommended dosage of 3 capsule daily, one bottle contains a 4-week supply of Phosphatidic acid. As an added benefit Androstebol contains 125 mg of 20-hydroxy-ecydesterone, a fantastic compound for improving muscle mass and strength