Complete Guide To Epicatechin

What if there was a natural supplement that relieved the cap on muscle growth potential? Well, that supplement exists, it's a natural plant extract called Epicatechin. Although often referred to as a natural steroid, this supplement works in a completely different way to other German Pharma Muscle Builders or anabolics, as it does not promote muscle growth by optimising hormonal regulation. Instead Epicatechin produces its results by blocking the action of the protein responsible for limiting muscle growth (1). Consequently, despite facilitating greater muscle growth, Epicatechin does not come with any adverse health effects! Just naturally accelerated muscle gains!

What is Epicatechin?

Epicatechin is a naturally occurring antioxidant flavonoid that can be found in cacao (chocolate) and green tea. Research suggests that catechins are a great form of antioxidant to supplement as they inhibit the attachment of bacteria to cell walls, reducing the rates of cell death. Epicatechin specifically, works by reducing the amount of myostatin, enabling greater muscle growth via increased follistatin. To put this more simply, Epicatechin works by increasing follistatin levels, which promotes muscle growth, and inhibits the action of myostatin, which is a protein that limits muscle cell growth.

Epicatechin benefits

  • Ability to enhance muscle size
  • Ability to improve strength
  • Improved endurance capacity
  • Enhanced blood sugar regulation
  • Increased nitric oxide / muscular  pump

Is there any evidence to prove that Epicatechin works?

Firstly, myostatin deficiencies do exist, and the most noticeable side effect is increased muscle mass. Similarly, reducing the action of myostatin via supplementation can inflict these effects on muscle. A study assessed the effects of epicatechin supplementation on skeletal muscle growth in humans (1). The initial segment of this study was done in vitro, examining the muscle cells taken from different age groups. The results suggested a relationship between increased age and higher myostatin and lower follistation levels. This means as we get older it becomes harder to grow muscle mass, this naturally happens for a variety of reasons with this mechanism being partly responsible. 

The next section confirmed this relationship in mice, then went on to give the mice 1 mg of Epicatechin per kg of body weight, twice a day. After two weeks of this protocol a 15% reduction in myostatin was observed in the young mice, and a 18% reduction was found in the older mice, alongside a 30% increase in follistatin. This demonstrates that by supplementing Epicatechin the myostatin to follistatin ratio is more optimised for muscle growth.

In the third part of this study the researchers assessed the effects of epicatechin in humans. The dosage prescribed was roughly 150mg for 7 days. The six middle aged participants experienced a ~50% increase in follistatin and a ~17% decrease in myostatin levels, facilitating the environment for greater muscle growth. This increase was accompanied by a 7% increase in hand grip strength, but changes in muscle mass were not assessed.

Evidence that Epicatechin helps with body building

A study published in the Journal of Ageing and Physical Activity investigated the effects of resistance training and Epicatechin supplementation on muscle strength, follistatin, and myostatin (2). This study included 62 males with sarcopenia (muscle loss disorder) in an 8-week randomised controlled trial. This study found supplementing Epicatechin and following a resistance training programme to significantly increase leg and chest press when compared to those who just supplemented Epicatechin and those just following a weight training programme. Therefore, following a resistance training regime and supplementing Epicatechin is the most effective way to improve muscle growth factors.

Epicatechin can also generate enhanced vascularity and muscle pumps by increasing nitric oxide production (3). Nitric oxide enables more blood to be shuttled to working muscles, therefore if you enjoy a good pump whilst exercising, Epicatechin is a great addition to your supplement stack. 

Who is epicatechin suitable for and does it have side effects?

Epicatechin is a non-hormonal supplement, having no known negative effects on testosterone or oestrogen levels, and is therefore suitable for men and women. Epicatechin is ideal for anyone who wants to accelerate muscle growth and strength without any adverse health effects. 

Can you stack Epicatechin with other supplements?

Yes you can. As Epicatechin does not impact hormonal balances it can be taken with other supplements. Epicatechin works brilliantly with natural testosterone boosters and muscle protein synthesis augmentation, such as German Pharma Turkesterone or Hydoroxybol

What dosage should you take?

It is recommended to take 150mg everyday for 2 months. The research conducted demonstrates that this dosage is effective for inhibiting the action of myostatin as well as improving muscle growth and strength. 


Epicatechin by German Pharma is a natural supplement that relieves the cap on muscle growth potential, enabling greater muscular gains in a shorter time frame. This compound is a naturally occurring antioxidant flavonoid that can be found in cacao (chocolate) and green tea. Epicatechin works by reducing the amount of myostatin (muscle growth inhibitor), enabling greater muscle growth via increased follistatin (promoting muscle growth). The scientific literature has shown that Epicatechin can enhance muscle size, improve strength, improve endurance capacity, enhance blood sugar regulation and increase nitric oxide production inducing muscular pumps during a workout. Clinical trials in humans have shown Epicatechin to have the most significant effects when used in combination with a resistance training programme. Epicatechin has no side effects and has no effect on hormones, therefore being suitable for anyone who wants to accelerate muscle growth, male or female. The ideal dosage and cycle of Epicatechin is 150mg per day for 2 months but can be run for longer periods, and the results can be augmented by stacking it alongside German Pharma Turkesterone or Hydoroxybol.


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