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Epistan is our bestselling prohormone - and with good reason!

Epistan is the non-aromatising prohormone which provides lean dry gains and promotes fat loss. Epistan is favored for 'cutting' cycles as it helps you attain that vascular grainy look. As Epistan is a prohormone you will need supplements to help support you during and after your cycle.

 How does Epistan work?

The active ingredient in Epistan is 11-oxo, which converts to 11-ketoteststerone within the body, giving Epistanehighly androgenic, muscle-building properties.

Epistan is also highly proficient in inducing fat loss, through inhibiting an enzyme called ‘11beta-hydrxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 reductase’, thereby reducing cortisol levels to create the perfect environment for fat loss and muscle growth.

This makes it a favourite product for bodybuilders, and a cycle favoured by weight loss warriors.


  • Dry lean muscle gain

  • Increased Libido

  • No water retention 

  • Non-methylated

  • Lowers cortisol levels


Epistan can be run for up to 12 weeks, the dose is 2 caps a day. Most experienced users will increase their dose to 3 caps per day. During both your cycle and PCT you should dramatically increase your water intake.






  • Two Fish Oil caps





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German Pharma

52 Reviews

  • Posted by Bryn Evans on 11th Apr 2019



    This product certainly works! I decided to go with epistan after reading all the positive reviews and German Pharma certainly has not let me down. I'm on my 4th week of my cycle and everything has gone up in a positive way. All my compound lifts have increased by at least 10%. I weighed in at 12st 7 at the beginning of the cycle and now weigh 13st. (My diet has been on point throughout for a bulking cycle, so I will not give the epi full credit for this). My trouser waist has become looser while my t-shirts have become tighter, an all round

  • Posted by Jeremiah Mann on 7th Dec 2018



    Already took it once and hence taking it again! Very good pro hormone! Take with a assist and pct and you'll be fine! Drink water, don't mix with alcohol because alcohol is detrimental to your liver plus it's useless for the mind! Begin

  • Posted by Tieven on 8th Nov 2018


    Brilliant compound

    I'd like to start by saying that I really don't get where all these negative comments are coming from.

    I didn't try this particular brand, but I've had two cycles on epistane good few years ago and can only say a possitive things about it. I gained almost 6kg of dry muscle and lost fair amount of body fat even though the only cardio exercises I was doing at the time was swimming twice a week and 5km run once a week. My mood and libido went sky high, the strength gain were literally incredible. Before the cycle my usual bench pressing weights went up from 85kg(in series, not one press) to 92kg after 5 weeks. I did not experienced a single side effect, however I did notice that when something pissed me off, I got a bit more 'angry' then usual.

  • Posted by Joe on 9th Oct 2018


    Amazing Product

    Pros: Great for bulking, great strength, amazing focus and recovery.

    cons: did cause mild high bp, mild back pumps. other than those it was very easy to take and very easy to maintain my health while getting bigger.

  • Posted by Adrian Schmidt on 25th Sep 2018


    Great !

    Very good lean muscle after using this product in 3 weeks great price coming together !:)

  • Posted by John on 25th Sep 2018


    Good start

    Been on them 2 weeks now starting at 20mg week 1 into week 2 upto it to 40 can see veins in the arm department but nothin spectacular maybe just now it’s starting to kick in fully I’ll wait another week and see the outcome

  • Posted by Ben on 17th Jul 2018


    Epistane Cycle

    First ever cycle, I’m 19 years old. I was a hard gainer before I took this weighing exactly 170lbs. After 3 weeks so far I’ve gained 14lbs and have boosted my strength. I have another weeks left cause I did 40/40/40/40 and the result have been amazing. Not only have I gotten bigger but I haven’t gotten fat at all. I lifted 6 times a week nd got after and put in the work. Great product.

  • Posted by Ulli Kneudelbaum on 22nd May 2018


    Best "prohormone" ever.

    Epi is simply great. Minimal side effects, solid gains which are easy to keep, more energy, increased libido. 40mg a day for 6 weeks is ideal IMHO.

  • Posted by AB on 17th May 2018


    Great for beginners

    Used for my first cycle ever. Didn't notice until week 2 that I was gaining strength and leaning out. My arms got a little bigger, but I wouldn't say I gained much size. By the end, my strength had increased a lot. Didn't retain much water either. A great product for beginners. I highly recommend it.