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German Pharma's Megatren is a 4 Blend powerhouse supplement designed to ramp up your testosterone levels, and give you an unparalleled increase in Strength!  
Megatren has been a staple favorite in many peoples supplement regime, the new 2020 formula makes for some fantastic gains !  
The 4 blend ingredient kicks off with Brassaiopsis Glomerata - this sterol compound is designed to increase both free testosterone as well as help decrease estrogen, keeping the balance of hormones in check. An imbalance of testosterone - estrogen can cause many unwanted side effects including atrophy and virilization, brassiopsis takes care of this at a healthy 300mg per daily dose!
LaxoPEP - also known as 5 - alpha laxogenin, is highly absorbable and aids in Protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is vital in, increasing muscle and power. A high protein diet is proven beyond doubt to help build lean muscle, LaxoPEP ensures all of that hard hitting protein is getting put to work!  
Indole 3 Carbinol another great ingredient contained in Megatren is another great balancing hormonal sterol. I3C comes from the brassica family of compounds, noteable for increasing testosterone and in-turn decreasing estrogen, at a very healthy 100mg daily dose, this ingredient is certainly one to have on hand!  
Lastly Boron Citrate, the highly underused in many supplements, Boron! Boron is a metal, similar to that of Iron or potassium, Boron has some very interesting characteristics within the body, one of the best we think is its ability to increase free testosterone! Interestingly not only has boron been shown to increase testosterone it can also provide stronger erections in males! Not a bad side effect at all !! Boron has been used successfully in helping to treat ED ( erectile dysfunction ) so whilst some harsher compounds can leave you feeling flacid in that department, Megatren is not one of them !!
Megatren is your all round, Libido enhancing, Fat stripping, Muscle building, Testosterone Catalyst !  
Take 2 Capsules pre training, on non training days take 2 capsules with food in the morning
How long to Cycle Megatren
Megatren comes in 60 capsule bottles, 2 capsules are to be taken every day for no less than 30 days ( 1 bottle ) for Maximum GAINS however this can be doubled to 2 capsules Twice daily for 30 Days, for this cycle you will need 2 bottles

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