The Ultimate fat loss Stack

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The Ultimate Fat Loss stack  - 21 day super Cycle 

Introducing the triple threat in helping you burn that stubborn fat. 

The Ultimate fat loss stack is a combination of 3 top selling supplements to provide you with not only all day energy, but a much easy way to burn stubborn fat.  

What do you get? 

  • Turbo Cuts 
  • CardioMax 
  • Alpha Male 

This stack is ideal if you are looking for not only a lift in thermogenic activity, increased fat loss but also an increase in testosterone via Alpha Males clever ingredients. 

How to take the Ultimate Fat Loss Stack 

We recommend a typical cycle to look like : 

Weeks 1 - 3


Morning Protocol 

Take 2 Capsules Alpha Male 

Take 1 Capsule Turbo Cuts 

Take 1 Capsules CardioMax 


Afternoon Protocol 


Take 2 Capsules CardioMax 

The above is a great 21 day cycle, you will have enough turbo cuts to use for another 7 days, which can be taken alone on training days, 


Important information 

CardioMax and Turbo Cuts are a great pre workout energy stack, so these can be taken around 30 minutes pre training for a great workout booster 


Extra Information

German Pharma
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