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TestBol is a clever blend of our longstanding supplement Hydroxybol (laxogenin) and the newest ingredient to be included in the German Pharma range, Turkesterone. The combination of these compounds will be sure to give great results in terms of enhancing performance and physique.

Both of the compounds included in Testbol are unmethylated, meaning that they can be used without concerns about side effects. TestBol has been designed as a natural compound to increase results whatever your aim by utilising natural plant sterols and ecdysteroids.


How to take TestBol


You can take 1-2 capsules of Testbol per day, for cycles of 4-6 weeks. 

Advanced users may wish to extend cycles to 8 weeks. 

Neither cycle support nor PCT are required for this cycle.


What to expect from TestBol


After a 30 day cycle of 225mg a day, you should expect

  • Improved libido

  • Improved wellbeing

  • Increase in muscle tissue

  • Decrease in fat

Who should take TestBol?


TestBol has been designed for those who want to see great results without the worry of side effects. This natural compound blend is only advised for men as it has an enhancing effect on male testosterone and hormones.


Do I need to take anything else with TestBol?

TestBol does not typically need any PCT or cycle support, however, it must be noted that individual needs can always vary. With this in mind, if you choose to run a high dosage for a long period of time, a low dose of Pure Labs Milk Thistle alongside your cycle is a good option, as well as a natural PCT such as Pure Labs DAA. This will ensure you keep your gains and stay safe on cycle and off cycle.



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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Mike on 3rd Jun 2019


    Decent natural product for strength and recovery!

    Better muscle fullness a couple of days in, decent strength increase from week 1 and the recovery is phenomenal for a natural product.
    I could literally train heavy everyday even on a calorie defecit.
    The only down side was slight lethargy and increased hunger....nothing compared to pro hormones though.

    It’s a shame they paired the Laxogenin with Turkesterone instead of Laxo and Epicatechin.

    Laxo and Epi are a winning combo and probably the best combination of natural supplements I’ve ever used but too expensive to run separately from these guys.

  • Posted by Francois on 1st Nov 2018


    Première essai de testobol

    Voilà premier essai de testobol, au bout de 3ème semaine bonne récupération musculaire endurance aussi, sinon pas u les résultats attendus en terme de gain je vais attendre la 4ème semaine pour voir si y a des résultats à venir