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Wazz sports

Twisted Tabz - 45 Capsules

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Wazz sports twisted tabz energy pills are here.

The versatile energy pill has been formulated with 5 different stimulants to maximize and sustain your energy levels whatever the task at hand may be.

Thingz to do with Twisted Tabz

  • Pre workout 
  • Studying 
  • Gaming 
  • Partying 

How to take

The dosage is one capsule a serving and is not recommended to be used alongside any other stimulants.

Advanced users may take a second capsule later in the day if the party is still going.

Avoid use late at night as they contain stimulants that may interfere with sleep.

Each tub contains 45 servings and shouldn't be consumed by anyone under the age of 18.

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How To Take


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