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What Is Mdrol XT? M-Drol XT is the new and improved version of German Pharmaceuticals M-Drol. This natural anabolic helps increase the user’s muscle mass and strength, confidence and much more Why people should use it/who should use it? Individuals should look towards supplementing this as it will aid in getting closer to their anabolic goals Individuals looking on making immense strength and muscle mass gains should use this, M-DROL is more of the “heavy” side of gaining muscle and strength and would be best stacked with another product from the range to aid in the overall cycle goal Brief overview of the ingredients 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran 125mg - Increases free testosterone which in turn leads to increased muscle mass, increased bone density, increased performance both mentally and physically, Apigenin 35mg - Apigenin carries multiple benefits, one of them being preventing the build up of “bad” estrogen     A typical cycle would be :  Weeks 1 - 4  1-2 Capsules M-Drol Daily  2-4 Capsules Milk thistle daily  Weeks  4 - 8 2 Capsules Ultimate PCT daily