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Pure Labs Flex-A-Dex is a combination of two potent testosterone boosters that utilise different ingredients and syngetucaly work together to create the end all of all natural stacks! TESTAFLEX The most advanced hormone augmentation product ever produced has one name only, Testaflex. Using D-Aspartic acid, the most proven anabolic hormone regulator in the scientific realm along with two ingredients that excel in their field, Testaflex delivers where many others fail. It’s time you experienced what living up to your natural potential really feels like. If you want to put your body into an optimised anabolic state to enhancing muscle growth, strength gains, power output anbd physical endurance, Testaflex is the product for you. Benefits of Testaflex: Increased Testosterone Increased Growth Hormone Lower Estrogen Levels Alpha Male Mentality Advanced Joint and Bone Support Enhanced Muscle Glycogen Absorbtion Cortisol Inhibition Optimised Anabolic State  Elevated Libido Who can benefit from Testaflex: Bodybuilders MMA Fighters Boxers Wrestlers Weight Lifters Football Players Rugby Players Crossfitters Those recovering from injury CLOMADEX Clomadex not only is the most advanced over the counter Post-Cycle Therapy product, but it is also a state of the art complete hormone modulation unit. Clomadex will decrease estrogen, raise free testosterone, control cortisol and boost sexual performance to levels never before experienced. Benefits of Clomadex: Aromatase Inhibition Increased Testosterone Elevated Libido Enhanced Sexual Performance Complete Hormone Recovery Increased Confidence Who can benefit from Clomadex: Naturals looking for an edge Those looking for a great PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy) Bodybuilders MMA Fighters