MB RESEARCH - STENABOLIC (10mg/ml) - 50ml


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MB Research Stenabolic Liquid 50ml

MB Research Stenabolic Liquid ( SR9009 ) 50ml

MB Research brings you Stenabolic liquid, a high quality Liquid SARM designed to ramp up endurance levels and increase aerobic output.

SR9009 is an excellent addition to your routine in order to enhance physical and mental performance

What are the benefits of Stenabolic?

  • Improve Aerobic Capacity
  • Decrease Fat levels
  • Great for cutting
  • Great for recomp ( reducing fat/increasing muscle )
  • Great for Endurance

Do you need a PCT following your Cycle?

The answer to this is yes, like any SARM Liquid a PCT is advised, we recommend Clomadex being ran for 4 weeks following your cycle

How to take Stenabolic

Stenabolic can be used for upto 8 week cycles, a typical SR9009 liquid cycle would look like :

Week 1

0.5ml (5mg) Daily

Weeks 2-4

1ml ( 10mg) Daily

Weeks 4 onwards

1.5ml (15mg ) Daily

The above dose is a typical cycle, can be increased slightly for heavier individuals, the above are based on a 180lb/80kg Male.