Fully Loaded Stack V2


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FULLY LOADED STACK V2! 8-10 week cycle!

The Fully loaded Stack really is everything you need for a super strong Cycle! We have chosen select products to ensure you are getting the best in muscle building, fat loss and lean strength gains! All whilst staying safe with a great on cycle support supplement and combing a comprehensive PCT protocol.

Not only that but we have included a FULL tub of Fuse Pre workout with a whopping 30 Servings per container! This really is the stack to end all stacks!

What is included.

German Pharma Osta-Max German Pharma LGD Pure Labs Cycle Shield Pure Labs Fuse Pure Labs Clomadex Pure Labs TestaFLEX What a stack! These are all FULL sized tubs, no half measures!


How to take the Fully loaded stack V2

We have outlined below what we believe to be the best way to take this stack to maximize your gains. Weeks 1 - 4 Morning protocol Take 1 Capsule Osta Max with 1 capsule LGD First thing in the morning. Take 2 Capsules Cycle shield 30 minutes later. Evening Protocol take 1 Capsule Osta Max with 1 Capsule LGD before bed. Take 2 Capsules Cycle shield 30 minutes later. Use Fuse at 1 Scoop daily mixed with 400ml water 30 minutes pre training (best kept for weightlifting days)

Run the above cycle for 30 days

The Day After your Cycle has ended, start your PCT which consists of : Weeks 4 - 8 morning Protocol take 2 Capsules Clomadex Take 4 Capsules TestaFlex. Evening Protocol Take 4 Capsules TestaFlex Run your PCT for 30 days (this will complete your PCT) At the end of your full cycle you should have 30 Capsules of OstaMax left over, these can be kept for your next cycle.

Additionally if you want to finish these up, we would recommend increasing your time on cycle for another 15 days using up your Osta Max fully, before starting your PCT Protocol

Fuse can be used throughout your Cycle and your PCT on training days. Once you have finished the entire 8 week cycle, it is then recommend to take a break for 4 weeks, before starting another cycle.