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* THIS PRODUCT SHIPS FROM THE USA * Import Fees may apply if you live outside of the USA, because of this we are offering FREE worldwide shipping on Recomp    Epichem Recomp 60 capsules   Recomp by Epichem now in stock and shipping daily.     Recomp combines 2 potent SARMS for Maximum muscle building & fat loss.     MK-2866 ( otherwise known as Ostarine ) is the #1 SARM when it comes tog muscle building and recovery.  Most SARMS contain 10mg of Ostarine per serving, Recomp go one step further and provide 15mg per capsule.    S-23 - This compound is brand new to Pro-hormones.co.uk, but has been used for a number of years for its ability to not only increase muscle & decrease fat, but for its libido enhancing benefits, so if you are looking for a product that has minimal side effects with maximum results S-23 could very well be the one for you !    A typical doseage for S23 would be 10mg daily, Epichem ups the anti one again with a healthy 15mg per capsule serving size.     RECOMP can be used by males of females looking for maximum muscle gain   A typical cycle would be :    Males - 2 capsules daily for 6-8 weeks  Females 1 capsule daily for 6-8 weeks