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The Complete Prohormone Stack   

The Complete Prohormone stack is another of our top sellers, comprising everything you need for a solid muscle-building cycle.  


You get a mind-blowing Full cycle, Full on cycle, and complete PCT protocol all at 30% off the RRP!!!

What is the Complete Prohormone stack? 

The Complete Prohormone stack is a combination of supplements designed to bring you great muscle gains, improved performance in the gym, and improved health and well-being following your cycle.  

 Who is the Complete Prohormone Stack for?

The Complete Prohormone Stack is for anyone looking for an ALL IN ONE stack giving you everything you need for a complete cycle. This is the best way to maximize your gains and save money!  

What do you get? 

We have included our top 2 Prohormones alongside a solid on cycle and PCT Protocol 

  • Epistan - Perfect for lean muscle & Size 
  • M-Drol XT - Ecydesterone based compound ideal for definition 
  • Milk Thistle 60 Capsules - 1 bottles of Milk thistle for Organ health 
  • Clomadex - The best PCT on the market Great for keeping your gains

All of the above are full-sized bottles and will last for at least a 30-day cycle if taken as directed 

How to take the complete Prohormone Cycle 

We recommend a 30-day cycle as follows: 

2 x Epistan Capsules 

2 x M-Drol XT Capsules 

2 x Milk Thistle Capsules Twice a day ( 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening ) 

This stack is to run for 30 days, once the 30 days are complete you would then take : 

2 x Clomadex per day - 1 capsule in the morning & 1 clomadex capsule in the evening 

Once you have completed your PCT it is advisable to have a break from any prohormone  based product for at least 30 days 





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