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11-OXO By German Pharma 

11 - OXO For experienced users who look to get the most extreme gains out of their cycles.

11-OXO is the perfect prohormone to stack alongside any other product in the German Pharma range, while new users can take their first steps with prohormones by running 11-OXO on its own.

What to expect on 11OXO

  • Lean Muscle gains 
  • Decreased visible fat 
  • Increased Vascularity 
  • Increased Strength  

How to take 11 OXO

200mg ( 2 Capsules twice daily )  is the ideal dosage, this can be run for up to 8 weeks, the capsules can be taken any time of the day, morning with breakfast is ideal. 

Do I need anything else?

A post cycle therapy is advisable, we recommend Clomadex PCT

This should be run after your cycles at 2 capsules daily for 4 weeks. 

An on Cycle is advisable, we always recommend as a minimum Pure Labs Milk Thistle is taken with PNI Fish oils 

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