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This option was formed to give YOU full control of combining specific products to achieve the results you want from YOUR perfect cycle!

Everyone is different and many seasoned users will know what they like and what they might not like and on the other hand some may find a combination we do not offer that they feel will take their progress to the next level!

Having a duo stack that you can personalise for your own preferences will allow you to push your results beyond what you ever thought.

A variety of options to choose from will allow you to explore the range of results that you want!

The real question is; what are you waiting for?

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5 Reviews

  • Posted by Mega tren bundle Epistan on 14th Aug 2019


    Bundle rating

    I’m about 3 weeks in and I’m loving it. I’ve gained strength and size but have lost belly weight. I take it as directed and am
    def. seeing the results And can’t wait to try more.

  • Posted by Billy Nance on 25th Jun 2019



    Great product!! 3rd week into it running it as directed twice daily. I have put on size and strength has also increased. Will buy again!!

  • Posted by MGHarris on 4th May 2019


    PH duo stack - Androstebol/Epistan/M-Drol/Megatren

    I have been a customer for a few years now, and always happy with the effects of every product I have bought. This time around I ordered a stack and received the wrong PH. Before I realised, I had already opened the bottle. The customer service I received afterwards has to be the BEST I have ever received. It was effective, efficient and I was sent the correct order immediately and without any problem. I can't speak highly enough for this company and its products.

  • Posted by Caleb Pike on 24th Dec 2018



    I order a Dou stack of 2 bottles of Megatren, good stuff.
    I take one pull a day for long periods of time as sort of a TRT. My labs look good with no noticeable side effects. I am 54 and have maintained muscle mass from my 20s. Give it a won't be disappointed.

  • Posted by Aaron Serna on 26th Sep 2018



    I've done 3 full cycles of Trenstane. First cycle i underestimated it and started off with too high a dosage, i got alot of cramps with shin and back pumps, by the time my body started to adjust to the tapered dosage i was at the end of my cycle. I wanted to try it again so i did and wow, i love it, kept my dosage low, amd it took about 20 days to really feel results but it was totally worth it on a 8 week cycle as a standalone, I am currently on my 29th day of my 3rd cycle and i'm really not feeling the same as my second, ny strength and endurance is not there, and my body just isnt as full as the last 2 cycles, I think i got a bad batch pr something because i upped the dosage a week ago and still no effects, the expiration days is 8/20 and I think its batch #70, Kind of disappointed in this cycle, but I will consider this an anomaly just because of the results I've had before amd still give it 5 stars and would still recommend