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    What is Epistane - Your questions Answered

    What is Epistane - Your questions Answered


    Epistane - What is Epistane ?

    Epistane - is one of the best prohormones available on the market today.

    Epistane is a pro-hormone usually used beginners or people looking to build lean hard muscle mass.

    It promotes the increase of “lean” and “dry” muscle which is an incentive for individuals who have been working out and want to push their limits to the next level.

    The uses of Epistane:

    Epistane does not aromatize, no aromotisation means very little side effects. Epistane cannot convert to Estrogen slo the common side effects of 'Bitch tits' is not an issue with epistane.

    A lot of Prohormones available have progesterone related issues, Epistane does not cause any issues related to progesterone.

    It is best for those who are looking for lean dry gains.

    A person who has been using Epistane becomes drier and harder, visually, usually within a short period of time ( under 7 days ) Epistane can be ran for upto 4 weeks with no issues at a dose ranging from 20mg upto 60mg daily.

    A solid cycle for most users would be 40mg daily for 6 weeks. Any longer and this can start to stress the liver. Epistane is a methylated compound so a good on cycle support is always advised. Epistane also at low doses ( under 10mg ) has anto estrogenic properties and can be used as part of a PCT protocol, although we feel it is best to use as part of a cycle.

    The side effects of using epistane

    The side effects of Epistane are mainly “lower back pumps” where the lower back muscles tend to become inflamed causing restricted movement / pain, as well as “dry” and “achy” joints.

    Due to it being a derivative of the hormone (DHT) dihydrotestosterone it may also result in premature balding, although this is very rare and most people would need to run this at a high dose for a long period of time for this to be an issue.

    Symptoms of gynecomastia are sore breasts and itchy nipples, again this is very rare and is not a common side effect.

    Epistane is also Methylated ( liver toxic ) so an “on-cycle support” supplement should be used if you decide to run a cycle of epistane.

    The starting dosage of epistane 20 (twenty) milligrams and 40 (forty) milligrams per day if taken in split doses.

    Epistane has a half-life of six hours and its cycle duration should be limited to six weeks MAX because of the methylation.


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