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    Prohormones - A Complete & Comprehensive Guide

    Prohormones - A Complete & Comprehensive Guide

    A Complete & Comprehensive Guide

    Anybody who has set foot in the gym will be looking for supplements and other physique enhancing products that can improve your overall physique, strength and size. One such classification of supplement are called prohormones.

    Prohormones have been used since the 1960s for helping athletes compete at a higher level.

    Prohormones are ( for the most part ) a legal alternative to steroids.   Whilst steroids do work and work well, prohormones tend to come with fewer side effects and are known to be manufactured by credible supplement companies.

    Prohormones are mostly taken by males, but in safe doses can be taken by females to enhance performance, decrease fatigue, and increase muscle tone.

    Who developed prohormones?

    Even though prohormones where invented in the 60s ( largely by accident ) they where never reallymakrted or sold, but if we fast forward 30 years we can establish that prohormones were first synthesized and brought to market to be sold in 1996 by Patrick Arnold, who is largely regarded as the founding father of prohormone supplementation. 

    Androstenedione was the first but not the last of the highly anabolic compounds, The first products to be brought to market where the highly anabolic Andro related prohormones 1AD and 4AD.

    1AD spun the supplement industry on its head and paved the way for the BOOM in much harsher compounds to hit the market in the years to follow.

    The largely appealing factor with 1AD and 4AD was that they where not Methylated ( liver toxic ) and so people could run longer cycles at higher doses, granted other side effects are likely to occur running high doses such as estrogenic side effects and increased aggression but liver toxicity was not one of them. Following quick on the heels of 1AD and 4AD where much stronger often called wet compounds ( due to the amount of watery weight the user could hold on them ) where prohormones such as M1T, DMZ, M-Sten and the Mighty Superdrol.

    Arguably one of the best selling and strongest prohormones of all time was superdrol, often came in 10mg capsules and ran at 4-6 week cycles, it caused the user to build up a rapid increase in strength and size, with 10-14lbs of weight being gained in a short period of time.

    Fast forward over 10 years and the landscape of prohormone supplementation seems to have come full circle, due to the 2016 Prohormone ban which came into force under president Obama’s ruling, pretty much all prohormones on the market now are unmethylated ( tip if you ever look at the back of a prohormone label and it states 17a anywhere on the ingredient panel it is methylated ) so if you want a healthy liver, avoid anything that says 17a in the chemical structure.

    The top-selling prohormones over the past few years have certainly been the ANDRO related prohormones such as :

    11 OXO - short for 11-oxoandrostendione this has by far been our top-selling prohormone from 2019 onwards and is found in quite a few products, with the most popular being epistan

    What most users like about the prohormone epistan is that it provides the lean dry hard look most prohormone users are looking for without the estrogenic or methylated side effects, it is one of the safer, yet powerful prohormones especially ran at doses of between 200-300mg daily.

    The science - Chemistry of prohormones

    How prohormones work - Prohormones act upon many receptors within the human body, the main receptors that are concerned for their anabolic effects are, androgenic, estrogenic & progesteronic receptors, If you have read our Sarms blog you will have read that they act upon 1 receptor only, this is where the difference between Sarms and prohormones comes in.  Prohormones do have the potential for greater muscle building capabilities, but also have the potential for greater side effects due to acting upon several receptors.  When looking to build muscle you do want to switch on certain receptors, but you need to be careful to not run too high a dose otherwise you run the risk of one receptor working over time ( estrogenic receptor for example ) this is where an imbalance in hormones can occur and cause unwanted side effects.  

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